• Guidelines and Tips for Pairing Specific Types of Food with The Correct Type of Wine for the Best Taste Results

    Enjoying a good wine is great. Add good company and good food and you have a wonderful evening ahead of you. Pairing your wine choices with your food choices is very important to get the best tastes and effects from both. Let us look at a few guidelines for pairing your food and wine for best results at home, restaurants, or a party.

    Hors d’oeuvres – Serve a rosé with hors d’oeuvres as the flavor is light and can match a wide range of foods.


    Fish dishes with lemon or lime – Choose a white wine that was made in stainless steel tanks to match with anything you can add lemon to. A sauvignon blanc’s citrusy flavor will complement that of the dish with lemon flavors.

    Spicy foods – Spicy foods are best paired with wines that have a lower alcohol percentage. The alcohol can make spicy foods taste and feel oily.

    Rich meats – Pair full-bodied red wines with rich meat dishes. They complement each other exceptionally well.


    Light meats – The rule to follow with light meats, is to pair the wine with the sauce. The sauce in which the meat is cooked or that will be served with it needs to match the wine. You can sometimes even use a bit of the wine in the sauce.

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    Earthy foods – Earthy foods like mushrooms or steaks should be paired with earthy wines such as pinot noir. The earthiness of the dishes works well together to get the best taste.

    Desserts – When pairing desserts and dessert wines, go for a wine that is a bit less sweet than the dessert. You don’t want too much sweetness as this may overwhelm the taste buds and ruin it all.

    Pairing scan be done by following a type of structure that guides your choice. Common pairings are acid and acid, sweet and salty, bitter and fat, acid and fat, and alcohol and fat. If you look at the qualities of the wine that will suit the food, you will be on the right track.