Wine drinking

  • The Art of Drinking Wine: Guidelines for Buying, Tasting, Drinking and Enjoying Your Wine

    Wine drinking is an art. There are certain things that you must do and certain things you need to avoid. Tasting and drinking wine in the right manner is something you can learn. Here is a list of steps that you should learn and master.

    1. Buy the wine. If you are new to buying wine, ask for some help. The wine you choose will depend on what you are looking for, where and when you will serve it, and the food you will be serving.

    2. Open the wine. If it is a corked bottle, remove the foil cover and then use a standard corkscrew to remove the cork. Some bottles have caps that turn. These are easy to open.

    3. Serve at the ideal temperature. Red wines are usually best enjoyed at temperatures that match room temperature. White wines are better served chilled.

    4. Serve in the correct type of glass. Red wine is served in glasses that are bigger and rounder than those for white wine. This is because red wine needs to breathe whereas white wine does not.

    5. Taste the wine. Pour about one ounce of wine in your glass. Swirl the wine in your glass so the wine can come in contact with the air and the glass surface. Smell the aromas. Take small sips and swirl the wine in your mouth. Hold the wine in your mouth for a few seconds to explore the tastes. Swallow and note the aftertaste. If you are happy with your wine, pour some more.

    6. Pour the wine. Red wine should be poured by holding the bottle near the glass and filling it up about halfway. White wine should be served with a napkin wrapped around the neck. This will keep the temperature at which it should be served. White wine should fill a third of the glass.

    7. Enjoy the wine. Sip your wine instead of taking big gulps. This allows you to appreciate the flavors. Pair your wine carefully with your food for best results.

    With these guidelines you will be well on your way to becoming a wine connoisseur.