As a wine connoisseur, I like to attend wine tastings and pairings. I love going on wine tours at vineyards and tasting new variants. If you would like to learn more about wine or just come and enjoy a tasting, please feel free to attend any of the events listed here. I will be at all of them and it would be great to meet you.

Wine Tasting at The Vineyard – 5 March 2017

Come and taste different reds and whites and learn what happens behind the scenes.

Entry: $100 per person

Wine and Food Pairing at The French Restaurant – 26 April 2017

An evening of great food and great wine. Small portions of different dishes are served paired with the best wines. This is a great learning experience for your own cooking. You will also get to meet great people.

Entry: $150 per person

Cheese and Wine Event – Williams High School on 15 May 2017

This is an event I arrange myself. The parents of students get to have a night off and enjoy some good food and company. There is some pairing of food and wine here. Basically, it is there to have some fun and wind down.

$50 per person

Please contact me for more information and times. I look forward to meeting you.