BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

As wine is poured through the device the structure of the tannins is rapidly altered, yielding a smoother, silkier "mouthfeel". Many wines are made to taste softer and fruitier as if they had been further bottle-aged and become less aggressive and more palatable.

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  • Main Features

  • Instantly Smoothes out Young Red Wines, Oaked White Wines
  • Takes Away Bite, Bitterness and Harshness
  • Adds Value to Inexpensive, Every Day Reds
  • Shows How Age Worthy Reds Will Age
  • Softens Oaked Whites, Especially Chardonnay
  • Pays for Itself with Just a Couple of Improved Bottles

How It Works

The Patented Instant Decanter combines oxygenation and specially designed, high-intensity magnets built into the pouring spout, which rapidly improves wine as it is poured through the device. The BevWizard Wine Smoother and the BevWizard Whiskey Smoother are ingeniously designed and patented pouring devices that improve a number of different beverages.

BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

How it Works - Map

The Wine Smoother works especially well on young, tannic red wines and significantly oaked white wines as tannic and astringent wines are made softer and fruitier and with less bitterness on the "finish". As wine is poured through the Wine Smoother it passes through a high-intensity magnetic field built into the pouring spout, and combined with our unique oxygenation (aeration) technology makes the BevWizards' magic work for you.

As wine is poured through the device the structure of the tannins is rapidly altered, yielding a smoother, silkier "mouthfeel". Many wines are made to taste softer and fruitier as if they had been further bottle-aged and become less aggressive and more palatable.


  • Bitterness, bite and harshness in wine caused by grape tannins (reds) and oak tannins (reds or whites)
  • Bottle ageing reduces harshness over a time frame of years
  • Magnets alone can reduce harshness over weeks without aeration (link to Fraser Process)
  • Decanting (prolonged aeration) softens tannic wine over hours to days
  • Patented combination of aeration and strong magnetic field works instantly to smooth out young, tannic white or red wines

How To Use

About Taste Preferences:

No device can make every wine better. Not everyone has the same texture or taste preferences. We offer our BevWizard Instant Decanter as an accessory that works on many young wines, particularly those that have been oaked using oak staves, oak chips, or an intense short barrel regimen. That said, we offer our device as an option that some consumers will use very frequently, and others less frequently. We like to use the coffee analogy...if you have a personal preference for strong coffee, you may not expect your guests to share that preference. As such, you may offer some hot water to dilute the strong coffee, or sugar to reduce the bitterness, or cream to soften and smooth the coffee. The Instant Decanter is the "sugar or cream" for wine, allowing those with different preferences to enjoy the same bottle of wine.

Steps to Using the Instant Decanter for Wine

  1. Open up your wine bottle and place the Instant Decanter onto the bottle.
  2. Pour yourself a taste and enjoy the smooth, silky texture.
  3. Optional: remove the Instant Decanter and pour yourself another taste. For most young, red wines and young, oaked white wines, this taste will be harsher.
  4. Return the Instant Decanter to the bottle and enjoy.
  5. When you're finished, just rinse the Instant Decanter with tap water.

There's a reason why we suggest that you first try a taste first with and then without the Instant Decanter. Harshness and bitterness found in young, untreated wines can linger on the palate for 5 minutes or longer. Technically, it's just much easier to go from smoother to harsher. We strongly suggest that since the BevWizard Instant Decanter usually yields a softer, less tannic and less oaky wine, that you first try the wine with the pourer and then try it without. Focus upon the fruit character, the degree of roundness in the mouth versus the degree of drying (astringency). Also focus upon the length of finish and the degree of bitterness left on the palate. If one insists on trying the wine first without the pourer, then please give your palate at least several minutes to recover from the tannins and oak after the initial tasting.

Just as wines taste better either at cellar temperature or just above (60-66 degrees F), our BevWizard pourer works much better with wines served at those optimal temperatures. It will work at warmer temperatures, though we feel that a wines structure begins to fall apart at warm temperatures, especially when over 72 degrees F.

Care & Maintenance

When you're finished using your Instant Decanter, hand wash it with water and let it dry.
No other care or maintenance is required!

We have tried the pourer on thousands of wines and suggest that you try the device on:

Young, extracted and oaked red wines

On the young (4 years or less from the vintage), extracted and oaked red wines, the purpose of the BevWizard Instant Decanter is to smooth out the wine and allow the underlying fruit character to show through. Another goal is to allow the oak to be better integrated and not dominate the fruit. Lastly, the goal is to reduce the bitterness on the finish. In a nutshell, we aim to make these wines more enjoyable when consumed young.

What do we mean by "extracted red wines"? These come from all over the world and often include the following varieties:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Nebbiolo, Carignan, Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Malbec, Carmenere, Nero d'avola, Mourvedre, Tannat and a host of others.

Sometimes, the BevWizard Instant Decanter may work well on a less extracted, young red wine, such as pinot noir, when the oak treatment had been lavish. In such a case, the goal is tointegrate the oak and allow the underlying, delicate fruit to show through.

Young, heavily oaked white wines:

The BevWizard Instant Decanter is best at decreasing the dominance of the oak and allowing the underlying fruit to better show through, thus allowing for better oak integration.

The number one white wine for heavy oak treatment is chardonnay. Heavily oaked chardonnay is loved by some and hated by many. The Instant Decanter allows both to enjoy such a bottle. The oak lover still gets the vanilla/oak flavor though in a smoother more elegant fashion that turns the chardonnay hater in to a chardonnay lover.

The Instant Decanter will work on other white varieties that have received heavy oak treatment. Varieties that sometimes get the full oak treatment include:

Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and others.

Wines with Brettanomyces:

"Brett" is viewed by many as a spoilage yeast that robs a wine of its fruit character and yields leathery, and unpleasant notes (barnyard to some, animal droppings to others, just plain nasty to most). The BevWizard wine pourer will often decrease these "off aromas and flavors" by about half. In other words, it cleans up a dirty wine to make it drinkable.

(Note, the BevWizard does not decrease the cardboard or dirty sock aromas that come from TCA or a "corked wine".)

Wines with harsh "pyrazines":

Pyrazines are a class of flavor compounds found in cabernet sauvignon, merlot and sauvignon blanc, particularly when the grapes are less ripe or grown in cool climates. This may also be the case when the yields are high. These wines exhibit weedy, vegetal and herbaceous notes, which are pleasant to some and unpleasant to others. The goal of the BevWizard Instant Decanter is to decrease these "green" aromas and flavors, to allow the underlying fruit character to be more apparent.

For practical purposes, cabernet and carmenere from Chile can have spicy, herbaceous notes that are improved by the Instant Decanter. Some folks love the aggressive, herbaceous qualities found in sauvignon blanc, especially those from New Zealand. For those who don't like those flavors, the Instant Decanter will tone down the herbaceous notes, allowing delicious tropical fruit flavors to dazzle your palate.

About Fun

We view wine as something that is a delight to taste, especially with friends. We also view wine as something fun. As such, we offer our BevWizard wine pourers as something that may enhance your wine drinking pleasure and something that allows you and your friends to have some fun with! ENJOY!

Dr. Patrick Farrell, Master of Wine
Inventive Technologies, Inc.

Take the Wine Challenge

BevWizard Instant Decanter Challenge

Open a bottle of wine and attach the Instant Decanter first and pour a sample into a wine glass and taste. Then remove the pourer from the bottle and pour another sample and taste. Most people will find that the BevWizard renders a much softer, smoother and fruitier taste, as the pourer improves most, but not all, wines. The BevWizard Instant Decanter provides the consumer a tool to smooth a given wine (or the option not to) and adds another dimension to drinking wines. Taste preference is a personal matter...some may prefer tannic wines while others prefer a smoother version of the same wine poured through the Instant Decanter. It enables the host to cater to his or her guests' taste preferences. Just remember, always taste-test your wines using the Instant Decanter first, and then taste without the pourer.

Better yet, pour small portions of wine into separate glasses for friends and guests, one with and one without the Instant Decanter pourer, without telling them which glasses are which...then have them "blind taste" the wines. As they experience the distinct differences they will discover the smoother texture and taste the fruit that appears from behind the reduced tannins!

Test Drive the Instant Decanter

Test-Driving the BevWizard Instant Decanter for Wine

Here are some simple steps to get the most out of your BevWizard Instant Decanter. The device is intended to decrease the bite, bitterness and harshness in freshly opened bottles of young red wine or oaked chardonnay. It also can clean up 'off' (Brett) aromas found in some European red wines. Here are a few suggestions so that your evaluation is optimal.

  • Only use with bottles of wine that have just been opened.
  • Always try a sample through the Instant Decanter prior to a sample without the Instant Decanter since it is easier to go from smooth to harsh than vice versa.
  • If you are going to use a water rinse at any time, use bottled water as chlorine can ruin your palate for several minutes.
  • Leave a couple of minutes between one taste and another to allow your palate to recover.

In the States, we often use the following wines to demonstrate our wine pourers:

  • Mondavi Special Selection Cabernet or Merlot (Inexpensively oaked reds)
  • Concha y Toro Cabernet or Carmenere (Good entry level Chilean reds)
  • Chateau St. Michelle Cabernet or Merlot (Good every day red that usually needs a couple of years of age prior to drinking)
  • Simi Cabernet ($20-27 age worthy cabernet)
  • Any number of over-oaked California chardonnay

If you are testing this device in Europe or wish to try international wines with the device, try these types of wines, all from recent vintages:

  • France Bordeaux, Northern Rhone, Southwest (Cahors, Madiran), Languedoc
  • Italia Tuscan cab blends, Nero d-Avola, Barolo/Barbaresco, Barbera, Amarone
  • Spain Priorat, any Cabernet, Ribera del Duero
  • Greece many different Young, extracted reds
  • Portugal Douro, Alentejo, Ribatejo
  • South Africa Most reds, most chardonnay
  • Australia Most shiraz, cabernet, merlot
  • New Zealand Bigger, oaky reserve style pinot noir
  • Argentina Malbec and cabernet
  • Chile Cabernet, carmenere, merlot, syrah

Patrick Farrell, MD, MW



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Try the taste test...The BevWizard Instant Decanter makes your wine - white or red - taste smoother and mellower. I'm sold.

- Richard W. | Anaheim, CA

By using the BevWizard Instant Decanter, I've found it gives my chardonnay a plusher, more flavorsome taste. I love it!

- Carole W. | Anaheim, CA

We avoided red wines due to their often harsh or bitter taste. Since using the BevWizard Instant Decanter, red and white wines have significantly improved taste and enjoyment.

- Lon H. | Westminster, CA

In blind taste tests, four out of five friends agreed that the BevWizard Instant Decanter improved my inexpensive red wine offerings. Most used the term "smoother" in discussing their improvement.

- Jay, M. | Huntington Beach, CA

We had some interesting results when our wine group used the BevWizard Instant Decanter. Without knowing that it was used, the wine consultants thought they were tasting two different wines.

- Karen F. | Wine Merchant

OH, MY GOSH!! It is amazing. I received it four days ago and I am hooked.

- Jeri F.

Thank you for the invention of the BevWizard. We used it in Florida with friends who had purchased it. We are now in Nebraska and have purchased five more for our children.

- C. W. | Union, Nebraska

I visited wineries in New Jersey. Each of the vintners tried the BevWizard Instant Decanter, was impressed and wanted me to leave my wine smoother with them. Each said the same thing, "this would allow our customers to experience how the wine will taste when it is fully matured". You have a right to be proud of producing such a wonderful product.

- Elizabeth C.